SkaDate Oxwall Webcam Live Streaming

Technically, SkaDate consists of the Oxwall platform, specific dating plugins, dating site themes, and support solutions. That means most Oxwall plugins should work fine on such site including:

SkaDate / Oxwall Webcam Live Streaming Plugin



Allows users to create VideoWhisper Live Streaming channels with comments, rates, and tags. Requires RTMP hosting.

Oxwall Live Streaming integration:
+ Oxwall plugin for easy setup and configuration
+ Users can create and edit live streaming channels
+ Configure access , permissions and settings per room
+ Rooms list, browse online, latest, top, tags
+ Mainpage widget with online users, room links
+ Dashboard widget with online friends
+ Profile widget with user’s rooms
+ Newsfeed update with new rooms

Latest Updates
+ Transcoding for HLS mobile streaming: Off/Manual/Auto
+ Multiple settings/permissions in Roles

In addition to regular web hosting required for oxwall, these applications need a rtmp hosting plan on a flash media server for video streaming (Wowza, Red5, Adobe). Read more details about rtmp side setup and hosting options on plugin homepage.

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