WordPress Webcam 2Way Videochat

+ Easy installation , updates as plugin 
+ Access permissions (everybody, members, list)
+ Members can create and mange rooms
+ Widget with active rooms list and entry
+ Menu for room management
To test a live demo of this 1 on 1 videochat plugin on WordPress, just register a free account on the VideoChat Scripts site and use the top Video Chat menu to setup a room.

A Video Chat page is added to the website where members can create and manage their rooms. Can be disabled from settings. Functionality can be implemented as shortcode.

WordPress Plugin includes a widget that displays active rooms (with participants) and access link if there’s room for another participant.

There is a settings page with multiple parameters and permissions.
Who can setup rooms and access application can be configured (everybody, members, list of members/roles).

Video chat is the easiest and most cost-effective way to meet somebody and discuss one on one, to make a video call just by providing a private room access link.