Picture Gallery Plugin

Picture Gallery plugin enables users to share pictures in galleries. Can integrate galleries for custom posts, control access, import from specific sources.

Download Picture Gallery Plugin | WordPress Picture Gallery

This is a plugin developed by VideoWhisper.com mainly to integrate frontend picture gallery management features in solutions like Paid Video Chat, Video Share VOD, Broadcast Live Video where live/vod content providers also want to include static pictures, snapshots for their viewers.

Key Features

  •  adds picture post type to WordPress site with gallery taxonomy
  •  allows upload and import of pictures from frontend and backend
  •  generates thumbnail, generates feature image
  •  AJAX display and update of picture list
  •  shortcodes for listing pictures, upload form, import form
  •  mass picture upload
  •  mass picture import (from server)
  •  setup user types that can share pictures
  •  pending picture / approval for user types that can’t publish directly


  • define global picture access list (roles, user emails & ids)
  • role galleries: assign pictures as accessible by certain roles
  •  exception galleries: free, registered, unpublished
  •  show preview and custom message when inaccessible

 HTML5 Picture Uploader

  •  Drag & Drop
  •  AJAX (no Submit, page reload required to upload more pictures)
  •  multi picture support
  •  status / progress bar for each upload
  •  unpredictable secure upload file names
  •  fallback to standard upload for older browsers
  •  mobile camera upload (iOS6+, Android 3+)
  •  backend multi upload menu

Paid Membership Plugin

Setup paid membership and content subscription using tokens (purchased with real money or earned for site activity).

This plugin uses tokens from the myCred plugin. These tokens can be purchased using multiple payment gateways like Paypal, Skrill (Moneybookers) NETbilling, Zombaio, BitPay (bitcoin), several niche payment gateways or earned with site activities, depending on setup.

Download Plugin | Paid Membership Plugin in WordPress repository


  • Setup unlimited membership levels (packages)
    • Label
    • New Role
    • Price
    • Expiration
    • Recurring
  • Shortcode that lists packages and allows users to buy membership
  • List of users with special membership
  • List of content (posts) that can be purchased with credits


  • Install and activate plugin (preferably install latest version from WP repository)
  • Setup membership packages from plugin settings – Membership Levels
  • Go to Settings – Billing section and make sure mycred is installed, active and configured
  •  Use “videowhisper_membership_buy” shortcode to list packages in frontend to users

Benefits of using tokens

  • less transaction fees (clients fund their account once for multiple purchases)
  • cost control (clients can have added peace of mind and sensation of control for the fixed amount they pay),
  • payment in advance (clients prepay for future services) ,
  • increased sales (once the have the tokens they will put them to use faster than real money)

Recommended for use with these solutions that allow features/access by custom roles


Shows membership info and upgrade options for user.