Setting up VideoWhisper RTMP on Influxis

If you have a FMS account with Influxis, use these instructions for setting up a new application:

1. Create application from Tools > New App Builder or My Applications > Add New Application. Use any name i.e. “videowhisper” and save generated rtmp path.

2. From Tools > File Manager / File Admin edit videowhisper/main.asc file and make sure it has the contents of videowhisper/main.asc (open it with notepad or other text editor). If needed select all from text editor (CTRL+A), copy (CTRL+C), move to form, select all from there (CTRL+A), paste from clipboard (CTRL+V).
Get VideoWhisper FMIS rtmp side from Downloads : RTMP VideoWhisper Applications > FMIS .

3. From Account Settings > Domain Permissions, Set Referring Domain(s), Add New Domain – add your domain that hosts the flash (i.e.

4. Reset the VHost for your Influxis account so it loads new applications or updates.
In your Influxis account go to My Applications > FCS Administration Console: Connect then go to Maintenance : Adaptor / VHost: Restart .

VideoWhisper Video Recorder

The video recorder allows site users to record webcam videos easily from website pages. This can be use on various sites to implement online features like:
+ video sharing, on demand video content
+ video messaging, video email
+ video content on member profiles, video teasers, video questionnaires
+ video comments for online posts and items, video discussions, video forums

Videos are recorded as flv files on the rtmp server and can be played trough the rtmp protocol or by http players as on youtube (if published to a web accessible location).

Web Video Recording Software

  • Live Webcam Preview
  • Select webcam/microphone, configure recording resolution, framerate, sound rate
  • Record Video
  • Timer, Maximum recording time limit
  • Accept / Discard recording
  • Instant recording preview, Replay preview

For more details check the home page of VideoWhisper web based Video Recorder.