Red5 Support for VideoWhisper Projects released a Red5 open source version for the RTMP application serving the VideoWhisper projects. This can be downloaded from the downloads section including java source code and eclipse project files. Application was tested with Red5 v7 Final.

Red5 is a free, open source, Java based, alternative to Adobe’s Flash Media Server. To install Red5 you need a dedicated server. You can not install Red5 on a shared hosting plan. Red5 is available both for Windows and Linux servers.

Red5 is the free solution to host RTMP if you have your own dedicated/semi-dedicated server or VPS: Download Red5 v7 Final .

VideoWhisper provides managed plans with full installation and setup including  premium rtmp hosting with dedicated ip, free installation of video streaming software (including standard fantastico scripts like wordpress/joomla), unlimited connections on Red5 starting from 10Gb space and 200Gb bandwidth at $50/month.