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Video Messenger Script: Live Web Video Messaging

Video tjejer BiZ är en webbplats programsvit, som innehåller all programvara och skript som krävs för att driva en pay per view / betala per minut online videochatt verksamhet.

Video Messenger för Video tjejer BiZ
+ PPV privat videochatt
+ offentliga utförare rum
+ medlemmar kan begära privat betald show
+ Online perfomers lista med levande ögonblicksbilder
+ live video förhandsvisningen på artist profilsida
+ artister kan ha flera privata sessioner samtidigt


Fortsätt läsa “VideoWhisper Messenger för Video tjejer BiZ PPV VideoChat skript”

Live Streaming v2 av VideoWhisper upgraded the Live Streaming application bringing several improvements and optimizations requested by users.

Live Broadcast

Some of the improvements:

  • advanced webcam settings (change realtime resolution, framerate, audio rate)
  • fullscreen button for video watching interface
  • fullscreen on click for embedded plain video stream interface
  • generate updated jpg snapshots for each live stream
  • timers (displayed on each interface depending on settings) can be used to control access, integrate in pay per view systems
  • multiple new options and parameters passed from script side

Also some RTMP application improvements should be mentioned like external player support and live video archiving as FLV for the Red5 application.

Upgrades are available for download on and do not involve any costs for free or paid licenses.

First edition available with the upgrade is the PHP edition. The rest should follow shortly.