Install YUM Centos 5.5 i386

In case yum is unavailable due to various reasons (broken, uninstalled) here is a shell script that can install it.

Paste this in a file:

for file in \
gmp-4.1.4-10.el5.i386.rpm \
readline-5.1-3.el5.i386.rpm \
python-libs-2.4.3-43.el5.i386.rpm \
python-2.4.3-43.el5.i386.rpm \
libxml2-2.6.26- \
libxml2-python-2.6.26- \
expat-1.95.8-8.3.el5_5.3.i386.rpm \
python-elementtree-1.2.6-5.i386.rpm \
sqlite-3.3.6-5.i386.rpm \
python-sqlite-1.1.7-1.2.1.i386.rpm \
elfutils-libelf-0.137-3.el5.i386.rpm \
elfutils-0.137-3.el5.i386.rpm \
popt- \
rpm-libs- \
rpm- \
rpm-python- \
m2crypto-0.16-6.el5.8.i386.rpm \
python-urlgrabber-3.1.0-6.el5.noarch.rpm \
python-iniparse-0.2.3-4.el5.noarch.rpm \
yum-fastestmirror-1.1.16-14.el5.centos.1.noarch.rpm \
yum-metadata-parser-1.1.2-3.el5.centos.i386.rpm \
do rpm -Uvhnodeps$file;

chmod a+x
yum update
Some files may have been updated, so if you get errors update these file names to latest versions from or other mirror you may be using.

Öka storleken på/tmp (/usr/tmpDSK) -Partition i Linux

tjänsten httpd stopp
mysql stopp
pstree -p | grep tailwatchd
umount -l/tmp
DD om = / dev/zero i = / usr/tmpDSK bs = 1024k count = 2048
du - sch/usr/tmpDSK
mkfs -t ext3/usr/tmpDSK
fil /usr/tmpDSK
Mount -o slinga,noexec,nosuid,RW usr/tmpDSK/tmp
Installera -d –läge = 1777/tmp
Mount -o binda,RW,noexec,nosuid/tmp/var/tmp
tjänsten httpd start
service mysql start

Mount -o binda,RW,noexec,nosuid/tmp/var/tmp