Dynamiska företag Video Hosting från videodelningsomkopplare VOD

Video Share VOD introduced Dynamic Business Video Hosting.

What’s special about this video hosting? You can setup and resize VOD (Video On Demand) hosting accounts as necessary, by ordering required number of units. You can order new units or cancel subscriptions as you wish from one month to another, to adjust resources to project requirements.

Disk Space 200 GB
Bandbredd 1000 GB / månad
Setup/Resize Fee 0$ (gratis)
Pris 20$ / månad

Minimum account size is 1 unit and maximum 39 units, meaning you can quickly scale from 1Tb to 39Tb of bandwidth transfer per month or from 200Gb to 7.8Tb storage, and back, as necessary. For same website (konto).

How does this compare in terms of resources and price to entry plans for other business video hosting providers?

Provider Bandbredd
Space Pris
VideoShareVOD 1000 200 GB $20
SproutVideo 200 150 GB $25
Vzaar 250 100 GB $25
Cincopa 100 100 videor $25

Viktiga funktioner

  • 1000Mbit/s: High Speed Networks streaming oriented infrastructure on 1000Mbps servers in high speed datacenter networks with multiple backbone connections totalling thousands of Gbps bandwidth capacity. 1000Mbps means 10 times more users can watch videos simultaneously than on regular 100Mbps servers, without performance and reliability issues. To evaluate latency and speed check live demos for videodelning.
  • Managed: Video sites have specific requirements that demand specific server side configuration. For these plans, a server administrator is not required to setup and manage the server side configuration as this service is included. FFMPEG and conversion tools are installed, configured with necessary codecs and updates as needed.
  • Video dela VOD: Turnkey solution, interface that can be deployed (installation included) for easy managedment of videos: Ladda upp & import videos, convert video for all delivery options, organize in playlists, run a VOD site, monetisation, embed code for videos and playlist (to publish on another site), ability to customise with WP themes and plugins.
  • CPanel: CPanel is the most popular web hosting management control panel to manage http, MySQL, email, ftp.
  • Softaculous: Automated installer for 350+ site scripts.
  • Secure: HTTPS: Plans come with AutoSSL, meaning a default SSL certificate is assigned to website. If you have your own certificate, the default one will only be used if yours expires.
    Protection: Hosting servers include advanced firewall settings (CSF & LFD), ClamAV antivirus, ModSecurity, configured by our experienced administrators.
  • Compatibility: Hosting servers include latest CURL and Open SSL to meet eCommerce provider requirements (including Paypal).

  • Cost Efficient: better value compared with other business video hosting providers.

Jämföra 1000Mbps dedikerade Streaming Server leverantörer

Viktigaste egenskapen för en streaming-server är anslutning (som begränsar antalet samtidiga användare som kan serveras samtidigt). Medan vissa leverantörer tydligt nämna att, Det kan beräknas från tillgängliga månatliga bandbredd (i exempel 10TB kräver limit ett genomsnitt på 30Mbps ska förbrukas så servern är förmodligen på 100Mbps anslutning).

Plockade servrar som tillhandahåller 1000Mbps anslutning, över 20Tb/månad och minimi specifikationer av 1000Gb disk, WHM/Cpanel för enkel webben hosting management, ligger i Nordamerika.

Server-providern HostGator Serverhallen VideoWhisper
Pris/månad $374 $252.81 $250
Bandbredd 25TB/mo 100TB/mo Obegränsad
CPU-trådar 8 12 8
CPU-hastighet 3.3GHz 2GHz 3.4GHz
Disk(s) 1000 GB 1000 GB 2 * 2000GB
Hanterade RTMP Nej Red5 Red5
IPs 5 2 4
Wowza alternativet Nej +$65.99/Mo +$50/Mo

Mer information om vad som behövs på en streaming dedikerad server är tillgängliga med VideoWhisper serverkrav.