TroubleShoot HTML5 and WebRTC Streaming in VideoWhisper

These refer to issue that may occur after VideoWhisper solution was configured correctly, tested and running.
If you don’t have it installed, yet get a plan for a turnkey solution, in example for HTML5 Videochat .


  • Video pixelation, low quality:

    Check selected streaming resolution & bitrate and also real streaming bitrate measurements (didapati dalam HTML5 Videochat app ).
    WebRTC also adapts quality depending on available connection and network conditions for UDP. Measure your connection and also try RTMP TCP broadcasting with OBS or other encoders, as mentioned below.

  • Broadcaster streaming interruptions, frequent errors, slow website while streaming:

    Some broadcasters may experience issues due to their internet connection speed, lokasi (very far from streaming server). Having a lower connection requires adjusting maximum streaming bitrate, so it doesn’t consume all available bandwidth.

    Adakah ujian kelajuan dari penyiaran lokasi ke satu lokasi berhampiran streaming server.
    1. Go to .
    2. Change Server and search for a server in Beauharnois (Amerika Utara).
    3. Press GO to start measurement.
    3. Get measurement link from top left icon and share with our staff.
    Broadcaster upload connection needs to handle video + audio stream and also other interactions and web requests.

  • Connection to sever is high and streaming quality is low and with interruptions, although configured high bitrate in settings:

    Check live bitrate stats in HTML5 Videochat app. If connection bitrate is high and live streaming bitrate is lower than configured, issue could be related to network conditions and WebRTC protocol streaming over UDP.
    For higher quality and reliability, broadcasting is possible using a RTMP TCP app like OBS for desktop or GoCoder mobile, directly to streaming server without depending on web browser. RTMP stream is delivered to site users as HTML5 HLS.

  • Broadcaster getting browser streaming failure error, Retry message, permission errors, camera not available in list:

    Make sure you are loading site over HTTPS (required to publish camera).
    Test with a different browser: Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Safari.
    Try the Brave browser (Chrome privacy focused fork).

  • Intermittent connection issues associated with slow site or intermittent 503 web errors.
    Web hosting resources may be underpowered for site complexity and load.
    Try reducing complexity (by removing plugins) and resource load per request or upgrade to a higher plan from HTML5 WebRTC Relay Hosting .
  • Broadcasting stream not connecting or disconnects:
    Check if bitrate (video + audio) is within plan hosting limits. Trying to broadcast higher bitrate will result in automated stream rejection and short cooldown while all connection attempts are rejected.
    See Client Upload (kbps) for your plan at HTML5 WebRTC Relay Hosting and configure lower.

Bandingkan RTMP Hosting dari $9/ month

Pertama, membaca lebih banyak tentang RMTP hosting dan anggaran RTMP anda hosting keperluan.

Harga Start $9 $50 $50 $60 $250 $300
AVG. Masa persediaan 1 hari 1 hari 1 hari 3 hari 5 hari 5 hari
Laluan trafik 1000 GB 2000 GB 2500 GB Tanpa had Tanpa had Tanpa had
Bitrate had Pemboleh ubah 1000 Mbps 1000 Mbps 100 Mbps 1000 Mbps 1000 Mbps
Had pengguna Pemboleh ubah Tanpa had Tanpa had Tanpa had Tanpa had Tanpa had
Live Streaming Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya
Sembang video Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya
Rakaman video tidak Ya NR NR NR Ya
SPP, MPEG DASH tidak Ya tidak tidak tidak Ya
24/7 Kamera IP tidak Ya tidak tidak tidak Ya
VOD tidak Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya
Aplikasi adat RTMP tidak Dikaji semula Dikaji semula Ya Ya Ya
RTMP sesi kawalan tidak Ya tidak tidak tidak Ya
Web Hosting tidak CPanel CPanel Plesk * WHM CPanel WHM CPanel
Mulakan Ruang tidak 30 GB 33 GB 20 GB 4 000 GB 4 000 GB
Dedicated IP tidak Ya Ya Ya Berbilang Berbilang
Pelan-pelan Tuan rumah RTMP Tuan rumah Wowza Tuan rumah Red5 Red5 VPS Red5 yang khusus Wowza yang khusus

  • NR = tidak disyorkan. Red5 boleh digunakan untuk rakaman/Arkib tetapi sering menghasilkan bingkai yang dilangkau dalam ujian kami.
  • Plesk = diuruskan web hosting pada VPS berdasarkan Plesk bagi 10 domain.
  • CPanel = diuruskan web hosting dengan akaun CPanel. Pelan-pelan yang lebih tinggi membolehkan berbilang domain.
  • WHM CPanel = tuan rumah tanpa had domain, akaun cPanel.

Juga membandingkan jenis-jenis hosting pada tuan rumah RTMP. Untuk lebih banyak maklumat dan penjelasan, Hubungi VideoWhisper.